Photography and Visual Content

Photography   +   illustration   +   storytelling

Barbara Cilliers is a photographer and blogger in Berlin, specialising in interior photography, photojournalism and styling. No matter what project you'd like to present, she will help you tell your story beautifully.
Architextural photography Shark bandsaw logo Hexor collateral HWG logo 2mokolo collateral Bedroom Crocus tablet design Makers branding Calcable app Bofred Martin
Papermade logo Papermade packaging Hexor logo HWG logo 2mokolo logo 2mokolo website Crocus tablet design Makers collateral Calcable logo bottels Luiza
Papermade collateral Papermade collateral Art direction of photoshoot for Hexor imagery HWG logo on a notebook 2mokolo logo Bedroom Crocus iphone design Makers studio Bedroom Bofred Ravats collateral
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